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There is a God in heaven.
And He knows all that I do.
If I am unfaithful,
I know he will be true.
There is a God in heaven
Who does not sleep at all.
But watches over lowly men
And catches when they fall.
There is a God in heaven
Who pities my disgrace
Who sees all my misfortune
Alight upon my face.
There is a God in heaven
He knows me very well.
He wishes to befriend me
To bolster me from hell.
There is a God in heaven
Have I so soon forgot?
He is my sure protection
Of strength he has a lot
There is a God named Jesus
Who made himself so small
A child who would lead us
Into great heaven’s hall.
Who came in human vesture
And born so small and weak
He suffered our discomfiture
And made himself to weep.
And dying on an ash-tree
His blood poured out like wine
He took his heavenly body
And with it ours combined.
Revealing us the father,
By worthy sacrifice,
He made atonement for us
And gave his precious life.
There is a God in heaven,
Who died and rose again
And rising back to heaven
Did Holy Spirit send.
There is a God in heaven,
And heaven is on earth
Within the heart of faithful men
This God has found rebirth.
There is a God in heaven,
Threefold God in one,
Spirit, Mighty Father,
and the coeternal Son.
a simple poem. I don't know if the cross was ash or what it was. cedar i suppose. some say dogwood.
this is a contemplative thread.

you just put the words "In Heaven..." and then finish them with a sentence to imagine what will be good about heaven.


In heaven, I will be beautiful, sane, safe, and I will understand everything.
in order to develop a relationship with someone you have to talk to them right?

but if you talk to someone too much what of that?

i have noticed that our modern age is beginning to differ from other ages in one significant way: the means of communication is overwhelmingly becoming text, phone call, and other long-distance methods which rely heavily on the typed (or even spoken) word.

I reflect on this because in my own relationships, i often find myself grasping desperately for another person with words, when words are often simply not enough. the only relationships i find working lately are the ones with people who are very good with words.

antoine de saint-exupery said that 'words are the source of confusion'

and after living in the technological age for awhile i am inclined to believe him.

who are the people who i have stronger friendships with and trust more? those who I spend a decent amount of time in silence with. whose silent presence i get used to. who i have had a chance to hear the *body language* of.

because without body language, we animals will never really feel we know another person.

and if we fill the air with words, we obstruct the opportunity to communicate in other ways.

and if all our communications are long distance, we never do communicate in those other ways.

TLDR: the maintainance of friendships via electronic communications is severely lacking because it removes body language and replaces it with excessive, confusing, nonsense chatter.

give thoughts if you want.
so i have no one to talk to right?

i'm in desperate need of a friend, right?

i thought to myself, i'm a cool cat, i can be my own friend, that will be good enough for me. and then, the idea!!

drunk me vs. sober me.

every week, twice a week, i can get rip-roaringly drunk. then, i write upon a peice of paper, a letter to myself and fold it. when i am sober again, i place the folded peice of paper into an envelope and mail it to myself. in two days when it arrives, i open it up, read it, and respond to it. then, two days later, when i get the second response, i unfold it and place it on 'drunk me's writing desk. then once more i get mind-smashingly drunk, read the second letter, laugh and write a response, making sure to fold the letter before passing out.

thus, i can be my own pen pal

what do y'all think?
God is like a rose that never sprouts nor withers but perpetually flourishes. and you reach out and grasp that rose, it is lovely so you press it to your breast. and love presses it closer and closer to your heart. and the rose is delightfully soft, but its softness slices and wounds your heart, and still it presses closer, cutting and rending at your heart until your heart is utterly crushed and all that remains is the Rose.


Jay Mari
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Current Residence: sh, michigan

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Visit the homepage. for further information

But one puts a sponge ( for liquid soap) or soap bar into the net. The net is made out of a fiber that the skin can't detect and does not get irritated on when watching.

Once you secure the nylon string around the suction cup that is on the back of ALL Soapets.

Your ready to go!!!

As the soap bar gets smaller you can tighten it up.

After you finish a soapbar or liquid soap container, you just throw it in the washer/dryer and comes out brand new!!!
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